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We are here to help you! We can Repair Stuffs Build Clean Do plumbing Fix Computers Move Stuffs Install AC Clean your Car  Help you  and a lot more....

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What is Mr Todofix and how it works?

First of all, allow us to thank you for visiting our web page, your presence here is very important for us, and we appreciate it. Mister TodoFix is basically a handyman service created to help people when they have a job to be done, and they need to be done fast and cheap. But what is most important — with outstanding quality. Well, this is why we created this service. With the best specialists in the area awaiting anxiously you to need them. They will be just happy to help you with whatever you need them. Down below you can see how our system works in 6 simple steps.

What services we can do?

Years and years of experience allowed us to create an offer with over 15 different services categories in which we could help you and could guarantee our main conditions FAST CHEAP AND QUALITY. We count with over 23 carefully tested and well-trusted specialists, ready to give a hand and help, or maybe just free advice with any job you need to be done, with the best prices and highest quality, AND what is most important … we can do it FAST. As soon as you let us know that you need help, THE SAME day you will get a visit to your wish and a quote for FREE.

Meet the real Mister TodoFix

Our ARMY of specialist counts with over 23 carefully tested and well-trusted specialists, ready to give a hand and help you out with any job you need in over 15 different categories. Be ready to meet real professionals of their job, and also really good people , because in that also matters. Be sure you will get the best prices and the highest quality.



Do you have a problem with your PC, LAPTOP, TABLET, PRINTER or any other electronic device? First of all, just let us know about that, our collector will visit it and if it can not be fixed at your place then he will pick it up for FREE and in 24H you will have it back fixed

Our colector is looking for his next job ! Will it be yours?

we count with over 180 happy stories ... create yours with us